Larry Nassar- The Gymnastics Doctor

Dr. Larry Nassar

Few professionals have given so much to so many. Few have touched so many lives with such a positive force. Dr. Larry Nassar has been the foremost authority when it comes to treatment and prevention of gymnastics related injuries for the past 20 years and he has been a gracious giver of this knowledge. Currently he is the National Team Physician for USA Gymnastics and one of the most respected gymnastics minds associated with the sport of gymnastics.

In a nut shell Dr. Nassar (with his on floor experience at the past 4 Olympic games and several World Championships) has served as the “glue that has held our national team together through the most important competitions.  It is this knowledge that becomes available to everyone through his all encompassing web site.

His web site called GYMNASTICSDOCTOR.COM is an essential educational resource for gymnastics coaches of all levels. Whether in search of rehab exercises or injury prevention ideas, Dr Nassar’s vast library of DVDs (available at discounts rates) covers every possible option.

As his website states: The purpose of this website is to share Dr. Larry Nassar’s medical knowledge of gymnastics with his experience as a father of an autistic daughter, Caroline. Funds from this website will be donated directly to autistic research and for care of Caroline’s autism.


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