“Help! My Conditioning Program Sucks!” – Your Questions Answered!

Hey Coaches!

Please excuse my audacity but I’m willing to bet that your Conditioning Program could be producing much better results for your gymnasts than it is now.

The fact of the matter is…every gymnastics coach knows that  an effective conditioning program is essential to the  ultimate success of their gymnastics program.

Lets face it, without the necessary strength and flexibility,  its nearly impossible for your gymnasts to learn and perform skills that earn top scores when it matters most. More importantly, a good conditioning program can help reduce the number injuries and allow gymnasts to learn more advanced skills.

Consider this fact: many coaches believe that setting up and implementing an effective conditioning program is easier said than done.  I’m telling you, it’s not difficult at all.

Here’s the deal: it simply takes a good, easy to follow, step-by-step plan.

Look, I have spent the past 25 years developing, tweaking and testing my conditioning program.  Make no mistake, I have dedicated thousands of hours to creating my proven system.

And now, for the first time ever, I will be answering your top 20 questions and challenges that you face when setting up your own conditioning program.

Are you ready to take your conditioning program to the next level?

I am personally inviting you to join me on Wednesday, November 28th for my first ever “Live Webinar,” where I will answer your questions….LIVE
Click here to RSVP

And…I need your help!  What is YOUR question?

I want to be sure I’m addressing your questions specifically.  So, real quick, let me know what your question is by
1)   clicking the link below to RSVP for this LIVE webinar.
2)   After you RSVP, tell me your question by commenting below your RSVP.

The Webinar is called “Setting up your Gymnastics Conditioning Program for Success.” It will be a paid webinar for most but … if I answer one of your questions, I’ll refund your ticket so that you can attend for free.

Fair enough? Here’s how it works …

1) RSVP at this Facebook Event page
2) Submit your Conditioning question below your RSVP as a comment to the post.
3) If you are the first to ask a question I use, I’ll refund your ticket so you can get in for free.
4) If your question wasn’t chosen and you still want to attend, I’ll send you purchase directions.
Hope to “see” you there!

-John Geddert
2012 Olympic Team Head Coach
2011 World Team Head Coach
Owner and Head Coach, Twistars USA Gymnastics Club
Region 5 J.O. Program Chair

P.S.  I urge you to take action today.  The championship season will be here before you know it.  Don’t let another year go by before you kick your program into high gear.  Your gymnasts will thank you when their skills improve and their scores sky-rocket!
Reserve your seat today

P.P.S.  Please reply promptly because there are only 100 spots available on this webinar (yep!  Not kidding…there really are only 100 spots and we’re almost 50% sold out already.)


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