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Coaching Gymnastics Conditioning, by John Geddert, The Gymnastics Coach.

Quick Announcement and A Favor….

The last few months have been way busier than usual. I’ve been engrossed in finalizing this huge new project that I’ve been working on, as well as producing two brand new coaches education videos. In fact, if you are a … Continue reading

“Help! My Conditioning Program Sucks!” – Your Questions Answered!

Hey Coaches! Please excuse my audacity but I’m willing to bet that your Conditioning Program could be producing much better results for your gymnasts than it is now. The fact of the matter is…every gymnastics coach knows that  an effective … Continue reading

Periodization: In Response to an "Ask John" Question

I recently received a series of questions through “Ask John Q&A” that presented some very interesting material for a blog topic. The questions were from George: John, I am a rookie gym coach, but I have coached a lot of … Continue reading

Gymnastics Coaches- Preparing for Regionals

Fostering the best competitive results during the championships season requires pulling out all stops. Pre-planned thought and effort to cover every details marks that advantage that some coaches maintain over others. Continue reading

GYMNASTICS COACHES- Lets talk Conditioning

Recently I returned from an international experience in Slovenia. As part of our trip our hosts wanted to take advantage of the US Coaches in attendance so they organized a gymnastics coaches education clinic. (If anyone has noticed the number … Continue reading