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PATIENCE: “Finish the Race”

Gymnastics Coaches eventually learn that patience is the only way to create long term program success. Continue reading

Quick Announcement and A Favor….

The last few months have been way busier than usual. I’ve been engrossed in finalizing this huge new project that I’ve been working on, as well as producing two brand new coaches education videos. In fact, if you are a … Continue reading


The Essential 8     Success in any sport can be directly attributed to certain characteristics or talents. Ultimate performance is dependent on having mastered or having been born with a large percentage of these characteristics. In other words the … Continue reading

Social Events

  I just had a lengthy discussion with a colleague concerning the pro’s and cons of allowing serious gymnasts to participate in the plethora of social events that arise throughout the year. Does allowing your athletes to participate indicate a … Continue reading


COOL DOWN I am spending the weekend directing one of our Regional Hot Shot Training Camps. In watching and directing there always seems to be things that strike me as needing attention. Usually the weaknesses present themselves in areas that … Continue reading

The Essence of Leadership

  Blog: The Essence of Leadership Here is a blog article that ran in the USECA Newsletter. If you are looking for a great organization that provides lots of coaching tips and advice, check out the US Elite Coaches Association. … Continue reading

8 Tips for Developing Balance

8 Helpful Hints for Developing Balance   I bet you thought I was going to be discussing balance beam tips… Nope   Some athletes and coaches (and parents) fall into the trap of thinking that Gymnastics is Life rather than … Continue reading

A Trip Down Under

A few months back my wife Kathryn and I were invited to present at a coaches seminar in Sydney Australia. At the time we wondered how in the world we could squeeze a 10 day trip into our already hectic … Continue reading


I am not sure most professional coaches fully understand their role in educating their athletes. Many fell into the role of coach due to their love of children and of course the sport itself. Step by step the enormous responsibility … Continue reading

10X Rule

Blog: 10X Rule of Greatness       I am spending the weekend at yet another Region 5 Hot Shot Training Camp. This has always been my favorite age group to watch and work with. There is something about wide … Continue reading