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Coaching Gymnastics on the Vault by John Geddert, The Gymnastics Coach.

Quick Announcement and A Favor….

The last few months have been way busier than usual. I’ve been engrossed in finalizing this huge new project that I’ve been working on, as well as producing two brand new coaches education videos. In fact, if you are a … Continue reading

The Amanar: The Toughest Vault

Watch this great high-tech video demonstration of the Amanar.  John and Jordyn explain the technique for executing a winning Amanar Vault using video footage of Jordyn. The Toughest Vault Article by NY Times –>    

Q&A: Coaching Vault

I recently received this question from a coach and wanted to share it with you along with my response. Question: John, Level 7 vault I feel am finally understanding what the judges want. They want the angle of repulsion by … Continue reading

Ask John Q&A: Yurchenko Layouts

Question from Travis Cherrier: Hi John. I am an optional vault coach and while we are very good at piked yurchenkos, I cannot for the life of me, get the kids to do a really great layout?????? I spot them … Continue reading

GYMNASTICS COACHES – Coaching Compulsory Vault

This in the “PART 2” I promised in a previous blog. Part 3 will cover the Round Off Entry style optional level vault. As I mentioned earlier vaulting can be the toughest of all events to coach. First of all, … Continue reading


Gymnastics Coaches will find that advanced Vault is one of the more difficult events to coach. Studying the details and breaking down the phases of the vault will assist gymnastics coaches with becoming proficient in coaching Vault. Continue reading