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The 2012 Olympic Games are over but the impact and exhilaration still lingers on. John Geddert, 2012 Olympic Team Head Coach shares his thought and comments on life “after the Olympics”. Continue reading

Olympic Games- Blog Post 7

USA Olympic Team head coach, John Geddert, shares a behind the scenes perspective on the Olympic Games process. Continue reading

Olympic Games- Blog Post 5

2012 USA Olympic Team Coach, John Geddert shares some insight and coaches educational information regarding the Olympic Games process. Continue reading

Olympic Games-Post 4

John Geddert, USA Olympic Team Head Coach, shares some behind the scenes insight and coaches educational ideas relating to the Olympic journey. Continue reading

Olympic Games-Post 3

John Geddert, 2012 Olympic Team Head Coach, shares some coaches educational insight on the journey to the Olympic Games. Continue reading

Olympic Games-Post 2

I get the sensation that I have been living in a parallel universe. Things are happening in my normal life, the gym back home is still functioning, family and friends are conducting business as usual yet I have lost a … Continue reading

Women’s Olympic Team on the cover of Sports Illustrated

Jordyn Wieber and her U.S. Olympic Teammates are featured on this month’s issue of Sports Illustrated. This is the first Sports Illustrated cover featuring the entire U.S. Olympic gymnastics team. See the full story at

Head Coach! Go USA!

It is with the greatest sense of pride and honor that I announce being named the HEAD COACH for the USA Gymnastics Olympic Team. Normally I would make some snide comment here but in reality I am simply stunned and … Continue reading

Olympic Preparation Camp

John Geddert shares his thoughts on the Olympic Preparation Camp held at the National Team Training Center in Huntsville, Texas. Enjoy the behind the scenes information intended to assist aspiring coaches with the educational process. Continue reading

After Olympic Trials-Journal #5

Post Olympic Trials As a coach there are some things you just know and expect. One of those things is the fact that there is going to be the inevitable mental (possibly physical) let done after an emotionally draining competition. … Continue reading