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Olympic Trials-Journal #4

Olympic Trials- Post 4 Just killing a little time here on the biggest day of my coaching career. I’d say biggest day of my life but I do have 3 outstanding children and recall their births as being the most … Continue reading

Olympic Trials-Journal #3

Olympic Trials- Post 3 Tick, tick, tick … it must be game day. Time moves second by second and if I didn’t know better I would swear that the big hand on my watch just backed up one minute. Tick, … Continue reading

Olympic Trials-Journal #2

The final days of home training went extremely well. The details that often fall victim to the time crunch, started materializing, piece by piece. You could actually see Jordyn’s confidence meter pushing towards swagger. As always there is still work … Continue reading

Olympic Trials-Journal #1

With the 2012 Olympic Trials peaking its head around the corner, I find myself wondering how it is that we actually arrived at this point. Having been involved in this sport since the invention of chalk (not really) I have … Continue reading

Reflection on Pac Rim Championships

The 2012 Pacific Alliance Championships, held in Everett, Washington (just north of Seattle) was a spectacular event in so many ways. The organizing committee should be commended for running a first rate, classy event. The facility was perfect for a … Continue reading

John and Jordyn Essay

   A Few weeks ago I had a college student request to do a story (an essay) on Jordyn, myself and the Twistars program. The final product follows. Thanks Claire for putting this well written document together (I do have … Continue reading

World Championship Wrap-up

I have to say that I have been refreshingly impressed with the overall response to the “behind the scenes” look at the 2011 World Championships blog series. I am relieved that most appreciated the coach’s perspective and did not consider … Continue reading

All Around Finals

If you recall I started this little project (the behind the scenes look at the World Championships) with a little apprehension. I was asked to do it by some, but advised not to by others. After considering the unknown, I … Continue reading

Jordyn Wieber is the 2011 World Champion!!

Congratulations to Jordyn Wieber-World Champion!! Read the full story at USA Gymnastics Interview with Jordyn %CODE12% Interview with John %CODE11% Interview with Martha Karolyi %CODE10%  

Game Day 2: 2011 World's

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