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The Essential 8     Success in any sport can be directly attributed to certain characteristics or talents. Ultimate performance is dependent on having mastered or having been born with a large percentage of these characteristics. In other words the … Continue reading

8 Tips for Developing Balance

8 Helpful Hints for Developing Balance   I bet you thought I was going to be discussing balance beam tips… Nope   Some athletes and coaches (and parents) fall into the trap of thinking that Gymnastics is Life rather than … Continue reading


I am not sure most professional coaches fully understand their role in educating their athletes. Many fell into the role of coach due to their love of children and of course the sport itself. Step by step the enormous responsibility … Continue reading

Would Mary Poppins Have Been A Good Gymnastics Coach?

  “Without criticism, there can be no true praise”. I read this the other day and it really made me pause to think. It made me think about my coaching philosophy and approach to dealing with athletes. Although I did … Continue reading

A year gone by

A Year Gone By     As we approach the one year anniversary of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, some may think that I tripped and fell in a hole somewhere. It has been a while since I have … Continue reading


With the competitive season now upon us this blog topic is dedicated to parents. The concept has been inspired by a wide range of support approaches I have witnessed   parents use on their children over the years. Some work well … Continue reading

Can you do me a quick favor?

Hi All- Just a reminder that the USAG Board Elections come to a close soon. I have been nominated and accepted to run for the USAG board of directors. I think I can provide the much needed voice that coaches, … Continue reading

Reflection on Pac Rim Championships

The 2012 Pacific Alliance Championships, held in Everett, Washington (just north of Seattle) was a spectacular event in so many ways. The organizing committee should be commended for running a first rate, classy event. The facility was perfect for a … Continue reading

Ask John Q&A: Floor Mat Thickness

Question: Hi John, What floor mat thickness would you recommend for use on an unsprung wooden hall floor for an elementary school based gymnastics club? Thanks Answer: I would highly recommend the 2 inch foam backed carpet bonded foam. I think … Continue reading

John and Jordyn Essay

   A Few weeks ago I had a college student request to do a story (an essay) on Jordyn, myself and the Twistars program. The final product follows. Thanks Claire for putting this well written document together (I do have … Continue reading