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The Essential 8     Success in any sport can be directly attributed to certain characteristics or talents. Ultimate performance is dependent on having mastered or having been born with a large percentage of these characteristics. In other words the … Continue reading

Reflection on Pac Rim Championships

The 2012 Pacific Alliance Championships, held in Everett, Washington (just north of Seattle) was a spectacular event in so many ways. The organizing committee should be commended for running a first rate, classy event. The facility was perfect for a … Continue reading

John and Jordyn Essay

   A Few weeks ago I had a college student request to do a story (an essay) on Jordyn, myself and the Twistars program. The final product follows. Thanks Claire for putting this well written document together (I do have … Continue reading

Periodization: In Response to an "Ask John" Question

I recently received a series of questions through “Ask John Q&A” that presented some very interesting material for a blog topic. The questions were from George: John, I am a rookie gym coach, but I have coached a lot of … Continue reading

All Around Finals

If you recall I started this little project (the behind the scenes look at the World Championships) with a little apprehension. I was asked to do it by some, but advised not to by others. After considering the unknown, I … Continue reading

Game Day: 2011 World's

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2011 World Championships: Pre-Competition

I was asked to share our road to the 2011 World Gymnastics Championships and post it as a blog. Why not, it may serve to educate and assist those with aspirations of attaining the pinnacle of this sport. Let me … Continue reading

Setting Up Your Elite Program-Part 2

I have a little down time in between training sessions at the March National Team Training Camp in Houston so I thought I’d finish up on the blog topic dedicated to setting up your elite program. In part one I … Continue reading