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8 Tips for Developing Balance

8 Helpful Hints for Developing Balance   I bet you thought I was going to be discussing balance beam tips… Nope   Some athletes and coaches (and parents) fall into the trap of thinking that Gymnastics is Life rather than … Continue reading

Gymnasts: Plant the Right Seeds

It has often been said that the sport of gymnastics is a complex intertwined combination of physical skills and the mental capacity to administer them consistently. John Geddert shares a simplistic view of how this combination may be explained to the athletes. Plant the right seeds! Continue reading

Gymnastics Coaches- Injury Reduction (no such thing as prevention)

Dealing with the inevitable injury bug in gymnastics is simply part of the game. Coaches that put great emphasis on the various areas that can limit the exposure to injury will find the time and effort well placed. This blog topic relates some ideas to consider in the daily course of training. Continue reading

Larry Nassar- The Gymnastics Doctor

Few professionals have given so much to so many. Few have touched so many lives with such a positive force. Dr. Larry Nassar has been the foremost authority when it comes to treatment and prevention of gymnastics related injuries for … Continue reading