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8 Tips for Developing Balance

8 Helpful Hints for Developing Balance   I bet you thought I was going to be discussing balance beam tips… Nope   Some athletes and coaches (and parents) fall into the trap of thinking that Gymnastics is Life rather than … Continue reading


I am not sure most professional coaches fully understand their role in educating their athletes. Many fell into the role of coach due to their love of children and of course the sport itself. Step by step the enormous responsibility … Continue reading

Would Mary Poppins Have Been A Good Gymnastics Coach?

  “Without criticism, there can be no true praise”. I read this the other day and it really made me pause to think. It made me think about my coaching philosophy and approach to dealing with athletes. Although I did … Continue reading

Gymnasts: Plant the Right Seeds

It has often been said that the sport of gymnastics is a complex intertwined combination of physical skills and the mental capacity to administer them consistently. John Geddert shares a simplistic view of how this combination may be explained to the athletes. Plant the right seeds! Continue reading

Competitive Anxiety

I must apologize for the absence of blog material over the past month. It seems that I have discovered that a 24 hour day is not capable of fitting 30 hours worth of work. I still try however. Preparing for … Continue reading

GYMNASTICS COACHING- Motivating Athletes

Motivating athletes may be the single largest contributor to overall success of a program. Many coaches possess the technical knowledge needed BUT getting their message across with a method that is inspiring is something that often is overlooked. Continue reading

Dealing with Fear in Coaching Gymnastics

Our very first “Ask John” question comes from Tracy and deals with the age old issue of FEAR.    Without a doubt, fear is on every gymnastics coach’s top 5 list of most frustrating coaching issues.  It can drive you … Continue reading