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Coaching compulsory vault can become very monotonous unless you are armed with a wide variety of skill progressions, lead ups, and return station ideas. This Video is packed with ideas as related to the different phases of the handspring vault (Run, Hurdle, Board Contact, Rotation, Blocking, Body Tension, and Landing Drills). This Video is a must for your staff library.

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This video focuses on lead-ups, progressions and training ideas for developing a proper handspring vault.  This video will help you and your athletes with the development of a great compulsory vault!

Chapter Titles:

Chapter 1:  Gate Pattern Running Drills
Chapter 2:  Resistance Run Drills
Chapter 3:  Transition Drills
Chapter 4:  Board Drills
Chapter 5:  Inversion Drills
Chapter 6:  Blocking Drills
Chapter 7:  Post Flight Drills
Chapter 8:  Landing Drills
Chapter 9:  The Handspring
Chapter 10:  Contact Information

Who Is It For?
As coaches we are stuck with the handspring vault for a good portion of most athletes’ careers. Training at times can become dull and monotonous and thus create a stagnant learning environment. This video provides ample training ideas, lead ups and progressions for the handspring vault in an attempt to put a little fun and variety into the training sessions. This is a great video for recreational through compulsory level coaches and is sure to help your athletes get a little “POP” in that vault.[/wptabcontent]

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