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Chapter Titles:

Chapter 1:  Forward Rolls
Chapter 2:  Backward Rolls
Chapter 3:  Handstands
Chapter 4:  Handstand Rolls
Chapter 5:  Cartwheels
Chapter 6:  Round Offs
Chapter 7:  Bridges, Bends, Limbers, Walkovers

Who Is It For?

Gymnastics on every event can draw it’s roots to core skills perfected on the floor. This developmental tumbling video stresses the importance of these core gymnastics skills. This is a must video for recreational through compulsory level coaches as it covers the often overlooked importance of proper shapes and techniques of the basic tumbling elements. From rolling to walk overs, from handstands to cartwheels you will get a great idea of why these skills are so important as well as what they should look like along the development process.

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