Quick Overview

This second edition of our Flexibility has over 100 different and creative flexibility drills and exercises that will certainly add depth to your training plan. In addition there is an emphasis on the different types of flexibility drills and how the different kinds can be best applied to the sport of gymnastics. We all know the important role that flexibility plays in the sport of gymnastics, now you can be at the top of the game with this extremely valuable video serving as a go to resource for you and your staff members.


Chapter 1:  Counter Swings
Chapter 2: Splits
Chapter 3: Straddle Splits
Chapter 4: Needle Splits
Chapter 5: Leg Swings
Chapter 6: Dynamic Jumps
Chapter 7: Hamstring
Chapter 8: Back/Shoulders
Chapter 9: Shoulders/Back
Chapter 10: Hips/Quads
Chapter 11: Achilles/Ankles/Wrists


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