Quick Overview

This Video started out as an idea to provide supplemental training ideas for uneven bars but soon became an all inclusive gymnastics preparation training aid. Shapes are critically important in developing efficient strength and that illusive “artistic look”. This video gives hundreds of ideas to use on the various events to enhance that desired look in gymnastics. This video is a must for all coaches!

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Product Details

Chapter Titles:

Chapter 1: Arm Conditioning Exercises
Chapter 2: Back Conditioning Exercises
Chapter 3: Core Exercises on Bars
Chapter 4: Core Strengthening and Positions
Chapter 5: Leg Lift Progressions
Chapter 6: Lever Positions and Progressions
Chapter 7: Plank Exercises for Core Strengthening
Chapter 8: Rounded Back Strengthening
Chapter 9: Slider Exercises for Various Skill Development
Chapter 10: Kip and Cast Strength Development

Who Is It For?

Gymnastics is all about attaining or transferring from one shape to another. The efficiency of which we do so often dictates the quality, speed or amplitude of the movement. This video covers how to develop these very important gymnastics shapes and features text book examples of how they should look. This is a must video for coaches looking to take their programs to the next level. Form and execution are everything when it comes to gymnastics artistry. This video focuses on how to get the best possible look in gymnastics.

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