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Chapter 1:  Level 5 Routine Demonstration
Chapter 2:  Glide Development
Chapter 3:  Kip Development
Chapter 4:  Cast Development
Chapter 5:  Clear Hip Drills
Chapter 6:  Stalder Development
Chapter 7:  Late Drop/Split Start Toe Shoot Development
Chapter 8:  Transition Options
Chapter 9:  Long Hang Kip/Levering
Chapter 10:  Baby Giant Development
Chapter 11:  Counter Swing/Tap Swing
Chapter 12:  Fly Away Drills

Who Is It For?

This video focuses on the lead ups and progressions and a wide variety of drills designed to enhance skill development for the new USAG Level 4 compulsory bar routine. This video should serve as a great refreshed course for some of our more experienced coaches, but basically it is designed for our developmental and compulsory level coaches in our programs.

Although the core of the Level 3-4-5 routines have been around since 1997, coaches will notice several new options that will hopefully cater to the individual needs of your athletes. I’m sure the coaches are really going to enjoy the flexibility that these choices in the routines will provide. These routines, when taught properly, can serve to establish a great development base which coaches can use to build quality future gymnastics skills. As always, patience is key. Take your time, insist on proper shapes, execution, form and technique to make your road to optional gymnastics much less frustrating!

What Do I Get?

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