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Flying high, flipping and re-catching the bar is simply spectacular and a goal for every upper level aspiring gymnast. This video covers the detailed training information needed to make that goal a reality. John Geddert covers the major releases here, the Jaeger, Tcatchev, Gienger, Hindorf and Khorkina. Learning to land safely is the major theme behind John Geddert’s release philosophy. If the athlete is confident that they can survive a missed attempt, they are more likely to be confident and aggressive. Plenty of drills and progressions are demonstrated here.

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Product Details 

Chapter Titles:

Chapter 1:  Tchatchevs (Floor Drills, Counter Drills, Safety Landing, The Release)
Chapter 2: Jaegers (Swing Drills, Intro to Flip, Safe Landings, The Release)
Chapter 3: Geingers (Fly Away Drills, Adding the Twist, Safe Landings)
Chapter 4: Khorkina (Fall/Swing Drills, Swing Prep, Tap Drill, Spotting Belt Use)
Chapter 5: Hindorf (Clear Hips, Intro, Spotting, Safe Landings, The Release)

Who Is It For?

The elusive “major releases” are made simple with the step by step progressions used in this video. All major releases are covered in this video with plenty of drill variations aimed at giving coaches a library of coaching skills to address the gambit of issues that can arise in the teaching process. Safe, patient, development over time is the key and this video will point you in that direction.

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