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Putting your athletes on the right path, early in development, is essential to mastering the Round-Off Entry style vaults. This Video emphasizes patience in the development of the various phases. Coaches will appreciate the detailed attention given to the round off, alignment, board contact, pre-flight alignment, establishing rotation, blocking, post flight awareness and advancing the difficulty of the salto.

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This video covers all the lead ups and progressions for the Yurchenko family (round-off entry) style vaulting. One thing to take into consideration when you are thinking about this vault for any of your athletes is that it is not a style or family of vaulting that can be developed overnight. Just like with any other quality gymnastics skill, you have to take your time in development. Start it early, be very meticulous in your training, cover all your bases, and you’ll get quality gymnastics down the road. This video is designed to help you develop these lead-ups and progressions for a strong and successful Yurchenko Vault!

Chapter Titles:

Chapter 1:  Round Off Drills
Chapter 2:  Alignment Drills
Chapter 3:  Board-Running Drills
Chapter 4:  Pre Flight Drills
Chapter 5:  Blocking Drills
Chapter 6:  Rotation Drills
Chapter 7:  Post Flight Drills
Chapter 8:  Tucked Positions
Chapter 9:  Picked Position
Chapter 10:  Layout Position
Chapter 11:  Phelps-Half Twist
Chapter 12:  Full Twist
Chapter 13: Post Flight Drills
Chapter 14: Using Tumble Trak
Chapter 15: Closing Thoughts

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The popularity of the round off entry vault gives some coaches the impression that it is “easy”. Well it does have it’s advantages provided proper progressions and safety precautions are taken. John has had great success with this style of vaulting and this video outlines the approach he has used for his athletes. Sound lead ups and progressions for each individual phase combined with a safety first attitude has been the key to success. This video can assist both the new and the experience optional level coach as it breaks the vault down and provides 100s of drills to aid in the development of a great round off entry vault.[/wptabcontent]

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