John Geddert talks about Success Videos…

What are Success Videos?

They are educational DVD’s created specifically for Gymnastics Coaches by John Geddert.  John is a World Team Head Coach, a USA National Team Coach and Owner of Twistars USA Gymnastics Club, one of the most successful women’s gymnastics clubs in the country.

What do Success Videos Include?

  • Training ideas
  • Drills and progressions
  • Coaching strategies
  • Proper conditioning, alignment and shaping

Features of Success Videos:

  • Chapters for easy
  • Voice over coaching cues and corrections
  • Graphics highlighting the specific points of emphasis.

Success Videos currently Available:

  • Front Tumbling:  Drills and Progressions
  • Back Tumbling:  Drills and Progressions
  • Beginning Vault:  Handspring Progressions
  • Vault:  Round-off Entry Progressions
  • Shaping for Gymnastics
  • Uneven Bars:  Level 5
  • Uneven Bars:  Level 6
  • Uneven Bars:  Pirouettes and Dismounts
  • Uneven Bars:  Major Releases
  • Balance Beam:  Basics
  • Floor:  Dance Basics
  • Conditioning Phase 1: Build Up
  • Conditioning Phase 2: Max Strength
  • Conditioning Phase 3: Conversion
  • …more titles coming soon!